Sunday, December 21, 2008


We went for a Xmas Carols service in the evening (6:00pm-6:40pm) and it was great but our son decided that he wanted to eat and he wanted to eat now!!! he usually has his fruit at 6:45pm but about 6:20pm, he "announces" to the whole congregation that he is hungry."Mum, I'm hungry, mum, my tummy is rumbling, mum, I want fruta now, mum, I want to go home to eat my fruta." His gran picks him up and tries to shoosh him but thinks that gran has come to the rescue - "Gran, where is my fruta? Gran, let's go home" Gran passes him to his Dad and Dad decided to leave with the lil' fella to go and sort his fruta out. Gran and I get home at 6:45pm and we find the lil' dude seated behind the computer playing one of the many Clifford the Red Dog games drinking his fruit smoothie quietly!!!